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Faucets are an integral part of the water delivery system in your home. Today’s faucets are available in a variety of sizes and styles.

When Faucets Leak
Faucets contain moving parts so they can break and wear out over time. Drips and leaks are a common issue when it comes to faucets. While drips can sometimes be addressed easily, leaky faucets require more in-depth knowledge. Fortunately, the team at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is comprised of skilled plumbers who know how to diagnose faucet problems and recommend cost-effective solutions. Sometimes, this means replacing a leaky or non-working faucet instead of spending the money to attempt a repair.

The plumbing professionals at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing are able to install a variety of faucets, including kitchen sink faucets, bathroom sinks faucets and other bathroom fixtures. So whether you’ve got a problem on your hands or are simply looking to upgrade, we’re the team to call for all of your faucet installation needs.


Benjamin Franklin Plumbing provides comprehensive sink repair and installation service. We offer a variety of sink models, including the following popular materials:

Stainless Steel
Stainless steel is commonly used in kitchens and commercial applications because it is durable and easy to clean. Stainless steel sinks will not be damaged by hot or cold objects and are designed to resist damage from impacts, but they tend to be noisier than other sink varieties.

Enamel and Ceramic
Enamel over cast iron or steel, is a popular material for kitchen and bathroom sinks. Heavy and durable, enamel sinks can also be manufactured in a wide range of shapes and colors. Like stainless steel, they are very resistant to hot or cold objects, but they can be damaged by sharp impacts, and once penetrated, they corrode easily. Additionally, aggressive cleaning can dull the surface of an enamel sink, leading to more dirt accumulation. Ceramic sinks possess many of the same qualities as enamel, but without the risk of surface damage leading to corrosion.

Plastic sinks are generally inexpensive. These are often deep, free-standing sinks used in laundry rooms and are subject to damage by hot or sharp objects. High-end acrylic drop-in (lowered into the countertop) and under mounted (attached from the bottom) sinks are popular and may also be made to form “solid surface” countertops. These sinks are durable, attractive and can often be molded with an integrated countertop or joined to a separate countertop in a seamless fashion. These sinks are subject to damage by hot objects, but damaged areas can sometimes be sanded down to mask such wear and tear.

Stone sinks have been used for most of recorded history. Some of the more popular stones that are suitable for sinks include marble, travertine, onyx and granite.

Glass, Copper, Concrete and Terrazzo
Glass, concrete and terrazzo sinks are usually designed for their aesthetic appeal and can be obtained in a wide variety of unusual shapes and colors. Concrete and terrazzo are occasionally used in heavy-duty applications, such as janitorial sinks.

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing we can help you decide which style of sink best fits your needs and provide prompt sink installation or repair service when you need it.

Tubs & Showers

Today’s bathrooms feature an assortment of shower and tub layout designs. From conventional tub and shower combinations to ornate separate pieces, the possibilities are seemingly endless.

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing we specialize in all kinds of tub and shower repair and installation. Some of the more popular designs we offer include:

Shower-Tub Combination
The most common residential configuration in today’s home is the shower-tub combination. It is characterized by a standard elongated tub for prone bathing in addition to wall-mounted nozzles for stand-up shower purposes. These designs are especially popular for those with limited space.

Stand-Alone Shower
For homes where space is not an issue, a stand-alone shower can be ideal. With framed and frame-less designs that may or may not use swinging doors, stand-alone showers can be outfitted to have multiple nozzles that deliver water flow from a variety of angles. Separate tub and shower installations provide greater flexibility for residential bathing needs.

For many, bathtubs offer the ultimate in relaxation. Bathtubs can either be completely free-standing, like the classic pedestal and claw-footed designs of the 19th century, or more traditionally molded units that utilize bathroom walls for support.

Hot Tubs
Hot tubs are generally large home-made or manufactured tubs full of heated water. They are typically used for soaking, relaxation or hydrotherapy. In most cases, they possess water jets that produce pulsating water movement for massage purposes.

Whirlpool Tubs
Whirlpool tubs were popularized in the 1960s and feature air bubbles that are introduced into water nozzles via an air-bleed pump.

Walk-in Tubs
Walk-in bathtubs are specially equipped bathtubs that assist those with limited mobility, such as the elderly or the disabled. Many walk-in bathtubs are equipped for hydrotherapy and/or whirlpool features.

The team at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can recommend the right solution for your bathroom based on your budget and needs.


Toilets are probably the most under-appreciated appliance in the home but get the most attention when they don’t operate properly. If your toilet isn’t working the way it should be, then it may be time to invest in a replacement model.

New Technologies
Many of today’s toilets use advances in water delivery to add to their performance. Dual flush mechanisms combine water conservation and performance, which allow the consumer to choose either a standard 1.6 gallon flush or a .8 gallon option. Power-assisted systems use small pumps to increase the pressure of the flush, which could save water and money over a period of time.

Energy-Efficient Toilets
Environmental concerns have given way to the low flow toilet, which utilizes about one and half gallons of water per flush. These toilets are now considered standard appliances in new homes for their inherent resource savings.

Replace or Repair?
With any plumbing system, problems can exist. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing we can repair your toilet if it makes financial sense to do so or supply and install a new one based on your needs. Contact us today to learn more about your options.


A garbage disposal or food waste disposer and waste disposal unit is an electrically-powered device that is installed under a kitchen sink. A garbage disposal works to shred food waste into pieces small enough to pass through your home’s plumbing system.

There has been an increasingly problematic issue associated with the disposal of leftover food as it relates to municipal waste disposal, public health concerns, sanitation and environmental problems. If you treat food waste as a liquid, then modern waste water plants can more effectively process the organic solids, which is an environmental boost. This also minimizes the amount of waste that will eventually end up in landfills.

Garbage Disposal Installation
The team at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can handle all types of residential garbage disposal installation jobs. Today’s models sport a variety of features, including ultra-quiet mechanisms that many homeowners find appealing.

Garbage Disposal Repair
If your garbage disposal stops working, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, where we’re equipped to repair, install and maintain garbage disposals.

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