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Water Heaters

Maintaining hot water production is crucial to your household needs. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing we offer a variety of water heaters, including:

Conventional Tank Water Heaters
Most water heaters are tank water heaters, which keep a tank full of hot water in your home at all times. Most household models hold between 20 and 100 gallons of water. When hot water is required the water is circulated to the open faucet. Conventional tanks utilize electric, natural gas, propane, oil, solar or geothermal power as an energy source to heat the water.

Electric Water Heaters
The typical electric water heater is wired to a 220-volt circuit. To heat the water, the current typically passes through two electrical-resistance heating elements: one at the middle of the tank and one at the bottom. Power is delivered to each element through a thermostat.

Gas-Fired Water Heaters
An alternative to the electric water heater is the gas-fired heater, which typically utilizes natural gas or propane. Instead of electrical-resistance elements, a gas-fired heater has a burner that is fed gas through a control valve and a thermostat switch. Since gas-fired heaters heat the tank, which in turn heats the water, there will be more wear and tear on the tank than with electric heat.

Tankless Water Heaters
A tankless water heater provides hot water as needed, saving energy and money. Tankless heaters are designed to heat water directly without the use of a tank and are more efficient than conventional water heaters. The primary energy sources for tankless heaters are natural gas and propane.

Solar Water Heaters
In some areas, solar-powered water heaters are gaining in popularity. Their solar collectors are installed outside the home, typically on the roof or nearby. Nearly all models are the direct-gain type, consisting of flat panels in which water circulates.

Evaluating Your Options
At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing we can help you decide which water heater is best for you based on your household setup, family needs, and location. Call us today to schedule an appointment at 864-326-3000.

Water Heater Repair from Ben Franklin Plumbing

To be sure you get highly efficient, thorough, and skilled water heater repair, Greenville, SC, company Benjamin Franklin Plumbing should be your first call. We are a proud, local Greenville, SC, company that has a reputation for quality work at competitive rates. We understand that being without hot water heaters or home heating can be uncomfortable, especially in the winter months. We pledge to act quickly to get your heating equipment back working. We are so dedicated to punctuality that if we’re not on time, we will pay you!

Our tidy, courteous, professional plumbers in Greenville, Easley, and Greer are skilled professionals. We use the latest equipment to complete your water heater repair quickly. With straightforward pricing you will know what to expect to pay without any hidden fees or charges. Our water heater repairs are also guaranteed for 2 years so you can be confident in the work being completed carefully and thoroughly. For your safety and security we ensure that we hire drug and alcohol free employees. Our staff completes a careful training schedule and is certified in backflow prevention and are also certified technicians by American Water Heater.

Quality Water Heater Repair Service

To ensure that you get the highest quality water heater repair, Greenville, SC, company, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is waiting for your call. If you are in Greenville, SC, or the surrounding areas we will waste no time in getting your tankless water heater or heating equipment back to working order. Call today and ask about our 100% financing options!

Water Conditioners

Are you getting the highest level of quality out of your water?

When it comes to your water you should expect spot-free dishes, brighter and softer clothes and a shower stall without unsightly water spots.

Water softening systems or conditioners work to reduce the dissolved minerals in hard water, which can affect the taste of your water, contribute to drain clogs, and impact the efficiency and lifespan of your water heater. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing provides a whole house water treatment approach with our Whole Harmony water conditioner system. Our water treatment system will address your home’s water problems by:

Improving taste and odors through a special activated carbon filter

Neutralizing acidity and reducing iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfides that contribute to the staining of fabrics, dishes and fixtures

A water conditioning and softening system could save you money on soaps and detergents, while eliminating the buildup that can potentially harm your water-using appliances. Your Benjamin Franklin Plumbing professional can recommend the best water treatment system to suit your needs. Call us today to schedule an appointment at 864-326-3000.

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